Treasure Hunt in Venice Info

Treasure Hunt in Italy

A smart way to discover Venice

Treasure Hunt is a traditional activity expecially suitable for your tourism, leisure and - our own specialization - incentive purposes. Being here, you probably already know what a Treasure Hunt is: with a special developed roadbook, we encourage participants to discover Venice following a trail of clues and quests.

We can organize and manage Treasure Hunts for international groups from 20 up to 500 participants. Everything - from roadbooks to task instructions, from enigmas and riddles to challenges descriptions - can be created in several languages.

Our Treasure Hunts are meant for both foreign and Italian companies, companies from Venice as well: we can guarantee you a challenging and entertaining event, fully customizable and scalable to perfectly fit all of your needs.

Treasure Hunt in Italy

How it works

During a typical Treasure Hunt, participants will gather at the Starting Point.
Here they will have a briefing with our staff and they will be split into Teams. Each Team will receive a kit containing game items: a Roadbook (the customised booklet containing quests and clues), a Nikon or equivalent digital camera with spare batteries, a high quality map of downtown Venice, writing tools and a badge for each member of the Team.

Teams will know the steps so the first phase is to plan ahead a course to reach as many steps as possible.
Teams will reach steps where they will collect points by completing different quests: find items, interact with local people, take pictures, spot details.

Teams will arrive at the Finish Point in time where our staff will announce the winner!

Treasure Hunt in Italy

Is Treasure Hunt right for my group?

Since our very first event, in August 2002, we designed, organized, managed and run many different Treasure Hunt formats in hundreds of unique thematisations: from historical or literary hunts to movie inspired theme-hunts, from photographic hunts to mobile-phone or GPS hunts.

We would like you to enjoy the best kept secrets of the Eternal City and all of its unforgettable sights; our goal is to offer you an experience be kept forever among your dearest memories.

We usually work for corporations, so our Treasure Hunts are designed and created focusing on and in compliance of corporate coordinated graphics and company mission delivery.

We can also take care of every aspect of your journey. We are always well coordinated and teamed-up with our customer's agencies and we can also supply or simply supervise a great range of different services, so to ensure you that while in Italy you get a taylor-made service from planning to feedback.